About Shift.

Our team is experienced at developing in a design-driven culture and wouldn't have it any other way. We see ourselves as digital craftsmen, with technology as our tools. We care deeply about design and user experience and know that our craft is an integral part of bringing that to life.

Because we're passionate about getting it right, collaboration and integration are core to our process. While we believe in agile, lean, and nimble development practices, we don't force-fit a one-size-fits-all process to every project.

Our Process.

Discovery and Research

Discovery and Research

We prefer to engage early and often during the product definition and design process. Through prototyping, product planning workshops, and technical discovery, we can align design and dev with the goal of creating the best product experience.

Technical Strategy

Technical Strategy

Based on your goals, designs, and budget, we will help select the best technical approach and architecture, and recommend how to integrate the best technical frameworks and platforms to meet the project requirements.



We take an agile, sprint-based approach to development, collaborating with product design throughout to validate and refine product and design decisions. Our development methodologies provide regular visibility into dev progress and quality.

Launch and Iterate

Launch and Iterate

We partner with you through launch to make sure everything goes smoothly. Post-launch, we continue to provide development support to help you iterate on design, extend product capabilities, or scale your offering.

Our Capabilities

We are a well-rounded group of technologists, comfortable working in all major languages and frameworks. We have experience across a range of web technologies, including custom application development, implementing CMS and e-commerce platforms, as well as development for native mobile and tablet experiences.

While we have preferred technologies, our recommendation on technical strategy and architecture always flows from an understanding of the product itself.

Technology Services


Technical Strategy, Prototyping, Development API Design, Data Aggregation, Consultation

Front End Development

Front End

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Responsive, React.js

Back End Development

Back End

Ruby, Python, Node.js, PHP

Mobile Development


iOS, Android, Hybrid, React Native